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shitty heart but a+ selfie

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Bring Me The Horizon - Diamonds Aren’t Forever

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If you’re ever sad, just remember in 1998, Blink-182 went on a tour called the PooPoo PeePee Tour.

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BMTH/St Pete by Anastasia Autumn on Flickr.

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Mossy table tops at an abandoned hotel in Japan…

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Sixpenceee, have you seen this video of a raven talking? It says “good boy” or “hey boy”. 

Oh my god, it does! Someone get a raven to say “nevermore”. 

whaaaatt the fuckkk

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Bring Me The Horizon by maysa askar on Flickr.

let the bodies hit the floor

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Bring Me The Horizon
September 16th, 2014
Grand Rapids, MI

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{ the little joys of hiking }

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Photographer Richard Peters sat in his car and from a distance watched the fox hunting, just enjoying the performance. The fox was listening for rodents under the snow, then leaping high to pounce down on the unsuspecting prey. It was too far away to photograph, and so when it disappeared and suddenly reappeared, on a snow bank level with the car window, Richard was taken by surprise. “It was already in pounce position, and I barely had time to lift the camera before it leapt up into the air almost clean out of my field of view. I managed to get a sequence of the leap, but I love this quirky image best, which gives a real sense of just how high these wonderful animals can jump.

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La dispute (3) (by christopher alvarez)

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Sad/Bands/B&W blog


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